Written Word Wednesday with Radio 45’s Gary Bickerstaff

Written Word Wednesday!  Musings from the front with a deep understanding of — and respect for — language in all it’s many forms.

Inspiration can be hard to find. It’s fickle. Random. For artists, who rely on their work to pay the bills, this can be tricky. More than a bit frustrating at times. 

We don’t always feel like producing. Or like we have something worth saying. Or anything to say at all.

Writers, musicians, performers, entertainers of all stripes feel, more often than we’d like to admit, that we don’t have much to offer. Yet, sometimes that’s exactly when we need to power through.

“The key is knowing inspiration doesn’t create the art. Working on your craft does.”

It’s like driving to a gig in a snow storm in the middle of February. When you set out to be a “rockstar,” this isn’t quite what you were signing up for. But it’s the job. You’re not asking for sympathy. Good thing. Nobody is doling it out. 

The key is knowing inspiration doesn’t create the art. Working on your craft does. Then the art provides the inspiration. I think we too often reverse the two. I don’t think this is a hot take; just something creative types don’t always quite get.

If you sit down to write, you can write something. It might not be great, but it may lead to something great. At the very least, it prepares you for the moment when inspiration does strike. Then it will help you to be ready to deliver.

Plus, it keeps you off the streets.



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