Radio 45 Band Biography and History. C. Scott Gilbert, Aaron Greer, Mark Wesesky, Gary Bickerstaff
Radio 45 Biography: That Thing We Do

Where It Started

In the Tom Hanks film “That Thing You Do!” band members Jimmy, Lenny and Guy “Skitch” Patterson looked to play roller rinks, Youth for Christ jamborees and “rock-and-roll shows” in Steubenville, Youngstown and Pittsburgh — an area known as Western Pennsylvania. But they are fictional characters in a movie. 

Radio 45’s Scott, Aaron, Mark and Gary grew up in Western Pennsylvania. They’ve actually played at roller rinks and Youth for Christ jamborees — and have played “rock and roll shows” in Steubenville, Youngstown and Pittsburgh — plus 100 other Pennsylvania towns. Naturally, these guys LOVE the film. Spend time with them you will hear movie quotes often: “You guys look great in gold, have I told you that?” “Land of Lincoln!” “I led you here, sir, for I am Spartacus.” “He’s married. I’m single!” “Well, I *am* the drummer…”

With catchy hooks, infectious energy, and a dynamic stage presence, Radio 45 has been generating a buzz in Pittsburgh and greater Pennsylvania. Their sound is reminiscent of classic power pop bands like Cheap Trick and The Raspberries, but with a modern twist that sets them apart.

Gary Bickerstaff’s powerful vocals and Aaron Greer’s high-energy guitar riffs are the driving force behind Radio 45’s live show. Rhythm section bassist/keyboardist C. Scott Gilbert and drummer Mark “Msexy” Wesesky add a cohesive and dynamic audio foundation to the mix — rich, nostalgic and fresh — a perfect launch pad for Bickerstaff and Greer.

Radio 45’s latest record “Transcendence” has been receiving solid reviews from critics and fans. The project features a an upbeat anthem, heartfelt ballads, and infectious pop songs that showcase the band’s versatility and songwriting prowess — and exposes their 1980’s rock and progressive rock influences.

Whether playing to a packed club or a festival crowd, Radio 45 always delivers a memorable and high-energy performance that leaves audiences wanting more — by design. With their stellar musicianship, catchy tunes, and undeniable chemistry, Radio 45 is a promising newcomer in the world of Power Pop.

Individually they’ve played everywhere but Villapiano’s.
“Table 15, your pizza is ready!”

Radio 45 Biography

Making Music Together for Decades

Radio 45 has not yet scored a #1 hit like The Wonders, but Aaron and Scotto did chart with their cover of U2’s “I Will Follow” as part of the Aaron Greer Band. “I Will Follow” peaked at #2 on 98 radio stations in 8 countries.

Aaron and Scotto scored a #2 hit with the Aaron Greer Band

Mark (Weseky) and Scotto first worked together during their days at western Pennsylvania’s Clarion University. Their band “Mainstream” rehearsed at the college Chapel and specialized in driving patrons out of bars and clubs with their not-quite-ready-for-prime-time performances. Mark still has recordings of all of their gigs.

The latest addition to the Radio 45 line-up is the legendary Gary Bickerstaff, well known as the front-man for Pittsburgh’s Bon Journey. Gary and Scotto worked together as teenagers in western-Pennsylvania’s Ten Till Destiny in the 1980s and again with Ten Till in 2010. Gary and Scotto recorded the first-ever, full-length album of their careers — What About The Dream —together with Ten Till Destiny band mates Bill Hubauer (Neal Morse Band, We Came From Space), David McKee and John Eric McNiel.

Radio 45 Biography

Seasoned Professionals

Under a variety of different band names and a mix of different players, Radio 45 has played nearly every corner of the western-Pennsylvania tri-state area. They’re here to serve fans, audiences, venues and promoters. No egos. No drama. Focus on the music. Focus on entertaining audiences. They’re a professional American rock band through and through.

Gary and Scotto recorded the very first album of their careers titled What About The Dream with band mates Bill Hubauer, David McKee and John Eric McNiel.

It’s not easy: the hours are long and the work is hard. And bad stuff happens: They’ve been ripped off. Underpaid. Played to an empty room. Electrocuted at a Roller Rink (and survived). They’ve had equipment fall out of the trailer on the way home at 4 AM in a snow storm. They’ve been mobbed by super-fans who adore them and accosted by drunk people who hate them for not playing “just one more song”. Police once had to pull a mob of wild girls off of Scotto after a performance in upstate Michigan…

Aaron and Scotto once drove 1,000 miles in a single day — trailer in tow — to appear on Good Morning Arkansas.

They’ve played in rain, snow and sunshine — and because they’re from Western Pennsylvania they know well all of that weather can all occur in a single day. They’ve driven up and down Interstate 79 and State Route 28. They’ve criss-crossed the state on Routes 70 and 80. They’ve suffered blown tires, ran out of gas, and have experienced every kind of mechanical breakdown (on the stage and off).

It really is “a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll…” — Bon Scott

Aaron Greer Band’s Agents of Change
album featuring the single I Will Follow.
Mark (Weseky) and Scotto during their days
at Clarion University.
Scotto and Aaron performing during a
series of TV appearances in Arkansas and
Illinois (“Land of Lincoln!”).
Scotto and Gary performing with
Ten Till [Destiny]. Gary as the legendary
front-man for Pittsburgh’s Bon Journey.

Radio 45 Biography

The Radio 45 Lineup

C. Scott Gilbert

Bass Guitars, Bass Pedals, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Guitars, Drums, Vocals

Aaron Greer

Guitars, Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals

Mark Wesesky

Drums, Percussion, Drum Machine, Vocals

Gary Bickerstaff

Lead Vocals, Guitars

That Thing You Do! Alter-Ego

Scotto = Mr. White / T.B. Player

That Thing You Do! Alter-Ego

Aaron = Jimmy

That Thing You Do! Alter-Ego

Mark W = Skitch / “Shades”

That Thing You Do! Alter-Ego

Gary = Lenny

Session Players (Studio)

Danny Sharrow

Vocals, Drums and Percussion. Danno joins the band live at select events.


Guitars, Lead Guitar, More Guitars, other Guitars

Bill Hubauer

Keyboards, Synthesizers and a bunch of other stuff on “I Will Follow” (the guy is amazing)

Mark Matthews


Studio Focused

In the studio Radio 45 strives to capture music in motion. We record new music — and we breathe new life into some of the best songs ever written.

Radio 45 is on a mission to record more than 50 songs for their streaming catalog between now and 2030. You can stream Radio 45 music today on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and 150 other major streaming services.

Radio 45 is proud to record new original music and to re-imagine some of the very finest rock and roll classics ever made. Listen for yourself!

Radio 45’s goal is to record a portfolio of 50 songs for their streaming catalog by 2030.