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Tom Petty Tribute Pittsburgh

Everybody Loves the Music of Tom Petty

Few artists are more radio friendly than Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The band had a long string of hit singles including “Breakdown”, “American Girl”, “Refugee”, “The Waiting”, “Learning to Fly”, and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”, among many others.

As fans of Tom Petty, Pittsburgh recording artist Radio 45 crafted a special 90-minute showcase of the very best of Tom Petty — focusing on the songs, the tones, and the sounds that make his music so enduring.

Taking it one step further, Radio 45 has officially licensed and re-recorded select Tom Petty songs for a upcoming record release, for which the band hopes to include a few live tracks — recorded at a Pittsburgh-area venue

The music of Tom Petty is a sure draw for any rock and roll room, and Radio 45 is able to faithfully reproduce the material with precision — acquiring special amplifiers and guitars for that purpose. Reproducing the lead guitar work of Tom Petty’s Mike Cambell is no small feat — and Radio 45 guitarist Aaron Greer is up to the task. You can watch Aaron Greer pay homage to Eddie Van Halen here, recorded earlier this year at Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe.

Petty 45 — The Tom Petty Tribute

Radio 45’s goal with Petty 45 is NOT to *look* like Tom Petty.  We honor the songs, sounds, and tones

  • A tribute to the music of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
  • Licensed, Re-Imagined Recordings.
  • Recorded and performed live by Pittsburgh’s Radio 45.

Tom was such an authentic guy — in everything he did. We would never try to speak for Tom, but we believe Tom would look at anyone trying to “copy” him as a cheap imitation.

Radio 45 is here to honor the spirit of the songs Tom created — to the best of our ability.

Radio 45, Petty 45, Radio Petty and the Chart Toppers — We honor the songs, sounds, and tones of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Thank you Tom for such a great body of work.

— Radio 45

Tom Petty Tribute Pittsburgh


2 thoughts on “Radio 45 Presents the Music of Tom Petty

  1. Awesome show! We saw you at the Hard Rock Cafe in Station Square in Pittsburgh. You guys are great! We never had the chance to see our dear Tom but, you ease the pain of his passing.Thank you! You would sell out the Lamp Theater in Irwin. We would love to see you at the Lamp Theater!

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