FOH Sound Engineers: Everything you need to know about the Radio 45 In-Ear rig is in this post.

Complete details about Radio 45’s In-Ear system are below, including detailed specifications, brand / model numbers, and frequency ranges.

ROCKTOPUS: Roll it on stage, plug in, turn it on. Ready to rock!

Ease of Use for FOH Engineers

For most Radio 45 shows, FOH engineers need to be aware of eight (8) audio connections:

  • three (3) vocal channels
  • five (5) instrument channels

Our rig is flexible and can be used with existing vocal mics, amps and a shared drum it when needed (festival event) and worked perfectly completely self contained.

The good now is that all connections are made in one place — the ROCKTOPUS rig — always positioned off of stage left.

All channels are routed through the X-Air Digital Mixer with all inputs and sends located at the rear of the unit — in two rows:

  • Top row is for audio inputs (to get signals to the band’s in-ears)
  • Bottom row is setup to feed signal to FOH
  • Any signals input on the top row are immediately routed to FOH outputs on the bottom row.

FOH: Where to Plug In?

If Radio 45 is using their own gear (microphones, amps and drums) connect to outputs on the bottom row to get signals for FOH.

If Radio 45 is using your gear (shared microphones, amps or a shared drum kit) connect audio sends (usually monitor or aux sends) to the top row so the band car hear that channel in their in-ears.


Typically an 8-channel audio snake runs from the rack unit across the front pf the stage or across the backline to get the instrument feeds. 8 channels — octo — ROCKTOPUS.

Gear Specifications

Behringer 18-ch 12-bus X Air Rack Mixer
Shure PSM 300 Wireless IEM Transmitter, J13
Shure PM4 Wireless Transmitter
Shure PSM300 4×1 Antenna Combiner
Shure Passive Directional Antenna 470-952MHz
Black Lion Audio D-sub Patchbay
Split8 3way 8-ch 1×3 Mic Splitter (2)
DB25XF1.5J 1.5′ DB25-[8] XLRF Audio Snake
M2 Mac Mini 16GBx500GB
Apple MainStage

Frequency Ranges for IEM Transmitters

All Radio 45 IEM transmitters have automatic frequency scanners or manual channel selectors in case of interference with other devices / acts.

566 to 590 MHz (Shure PSM 300)
722 to 746 MHz (Shure PM4)

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