DATELINE PITTSBURGH: Power Pop Rock Group Radio 45 Releases New Single Titled “Happily Ever Over”

Radio 45’s new single Happily Ever Over is a response to Journey’s Who’s Crying Now, one of the most appealing love songs of 1981 according to Billboard Magazine. Radio 45’s approach to a telling a tale about lost love is similar in format to the Journey classic — beginning as a ballad and ending with a powerful yet restrained guitar solo (a nod to Neal Schon’s legendary guitar work on Who’s Crying Now).

“We’ve all been there,” Radio 45 bass guitarist and studio producer C. Scott Gilbert explains: “Sometimes what was once a great love can, over time, lose its way. It’s lost. There are tears. It’s horrible. It’s a tragedy every time. We can all relate…”

Radio 45 drummer Mark Wesesky (code-named Msexy) continued: “If Feels Like Summer is a fun, feel-good song when love is in full bloom, Happily Ever Over should tell you that winter is coming!” A chilling thought, indeed.

Front-man Gary Bickerstaff was quick to note, “In a world full of happy places, feel-good movies, and comfort food — sometimes it’s okay to just have a good cry.” So true.

“When we started working on this song and the title Happily Ever Over was brought up, I knew right then this song would be special… when it comes to relationships, we’ve all been there,” added R45’s lead guitar man Aaron Greer (also known as Double A). Greer’s lead-guitar work is featured during the finale of the song. Greer can shred with the best of guitar players (he often pays homage to Eddie Van Halen by playing parts of Eruption during Radio 45’s live shows). Greer does not shred on this song. Instead, he lays down a riff that is restrained, tasteful, hooky and memorable by design. “Scotto (producer) asked for a solo that would make people hum the riff after the song was finished.”

And indeed, that is just what Double A delivered. Here is the first fan quote about the single, coming from Franklin, Pennsylvania:

“Been hummin your tune all morning… it won’t get outta my head!”

— Stephanie Beals

A Long Road

“When we got to work on the arrangement, we wanted to structure the song very much like Journey’s Who’s Crying Now,” added Gilbert. “Start slow. End with a powerful guitar solo. We actually recorded the song without the extended solo at the end — and then specifically went back and re-recorded a longer ending to setup the memorable guitar solo.”

According to Gilbert, the song was a monster to mix. Over 175 tracks were recorded, and the production from start to finish took 5 months and 23 days. “I didn’t think this song was going to make it,” Gilbert said. “It just wasn’t coming out right.”

Greer was feeling the same thing. A number of Radio 45 studio recordings have not been released for the same reason. “A recording of a song doesn’t always work for us. It sounds good when we’re building out the arrangement and rehearsing — but sometimes the magic doesn’t translate to the digital recording.”

To help with the complex mix, Gilbert created a Relative Mix Positioning graphic — pointing out the locations of groups of instruments in the stereo field.

Finally — after tearing the tracks apart and reworking some of the rhythm section parts (including new drum and bass guitar tracking at specific points in the song) it all came together.

The single releases on Thanksgiving day. Great relationships often start with “Once upon a time…” and so does the chorus of this song. Radio 45 hopes that fans will love this new single, and that their love for this new song will never fade. May we all be as fortunate with our great loves…

Officially releasing on November 23rd, 2023, the song is available now via direct digital download!


Gary Bickerstaff tracking “vocal stacks” at Oakwood Studios.
Msexy (Mark Wesesky) laying down the groove at Oakwood Studios.
To help with the complex mix, Gilbert created a Relative Mix Positioning graphic — pointing out the locations of groups of instruments in the stereo field.

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C. Scott Gilbert

Radio 45


Gary Bickerstaff:
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals

C. Scott Gilbert: 
Bass Guitars, Piano, Synthesizer, Violin String Ensemble, Particle Accelerator

Aaron Greer:
Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Lead Guitar

Mark Wesesky:
Drums, Percussive Strategy

C. Scott Gilbert, Chip Dominick

C. Scott Gilbert

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Adam Michael Searan (SESAC IPI# 00470582842)

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