A Unique Tom Petty Experience Coming to Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh on April 11th

Petty 45 recently debuted new addition to their Tom Petty tribute shows at City Winery Pittsburgh: Video! Music videos, to be specific!

Tom’s music was trend-setting on MTV and VH1 in the 1980’s — decades before today’s viral TikTok clips and lyric-rolling YouTube uploads. In the 80’s fans flocked to these new cable channels in hopes of small-screen DJs — aka “VJs” — spinning a visual take on the latest hair metal power ballad or out-of-the-box art rock single. 

Petty 45 debuted synchronized Tom Petty music videos as part of their show at City Winery Pittsburgh on March 23rd — and the audience loved it! (so did the staff!)

Music videos bring back a flood of memories, and in the words of Petty 45’s C. Scott Gilbert, “help us feel closer to the artist.” Petty 45’s Aaron Greer and Gilbert collaborated on adding the video imagery to their live shows — something they did 10 years previously with the Aaron Greer Band. “We were ahead of our time back then”, Gilbert quipped. “The videos are synced with the live music. We probably still are [ahead of our time] but audiences seem to love the added visual experience. Anytime you can have George Harrison of The Beatles singing along with you live that’s got to be a good thing, right?”

Gilbert is referring to their presentation of “I Won’t Back Down” where members of Tom Petty’s Traveling Wilburys appear in the video — including The Beatles’ Ringo Starr, Harrison and Electric Light Orchestra’s Jeff Lynne.

Specially edited Tom Petty videos appear synchronized with Petty 45 as their tribute to Tom Petty’s music unfolds live — arriving next at Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh on April 11th with special guest We Came From Space

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