Radio 45’s “Mr. White” charts a path through Pittsburgh’s Indie Music Scene.

He walked away after scoring a #2 hit on 98 radio stations in 8 countries with fellow band-mate Aaron Greer. It was brutal for both of them. “I failed at that” Gilbert would say when talking about the Aaron Greer Band days. “Perhaps we were a little ahead of our time. But you’ve got to know when to move on…”

Ten years later C. Scott Gilbert, along with Greer, are back making noise with some of Pittsburgh’s finest musicians — whom you’ve may not have heard of — yet.

“I failed at that.”

C. Scott Gilbert

They’re not failing now. In fact, they’re taking a unique path through Pittsburgh’s indie music environment that has local promoters like Chase Ebaugh (Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh) saying “these guys are going to change the local music scene…”

Roy Martin-Smith, Marketing and Programming Manager for City Winery Pittsburgh had this to say about Radio 45’s Tom Petty tribute show: “This Tom Petty show is a whole other level of tribute — next level stuff — from capturing the sound, song selection and the live sync to actual videos — it actually takes you back to experiencing Petty for the first time.  This show is good enough to travel to all our City Winery locations… 

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